Sarah Levey
Art Direction + Graphic Design


b. 1986, HK.


→ About

I am an Art Director and Graphic Designer who specialises in the fashion, retail and lifestyle sectors.
I think strategically about branding and am interested in the way brands can communicate with their audience.
I work to conceptualise, produce and direct creative content, delivering photographic, digital and print assets.
I'm always interested to hear about exciting projects and opportunities so if you like my work, please get in touch.

← From: Dublin, Ireland
→ Currently: Sydney, Australia

⋅ Art Direction
⋅ Content Planning & Production
⋅ Visual Identity Design & Branding
⋅ Brand Strategy
⋅ Digital Design
⋅ Packaging Design
⋅ Editorial Design
⋅ Lookbook Design
⋅ Signage & POS